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Hyaluronic Acid(HA)

Sodium Hyaluronate-Cosmetics grade

Sodium hyaluronate-Food grade

Sodium hyaluronate-Eye drop grade

Sodium hyaluronate-Injection grade

Sodium hyaluronate-Feedstuff grade

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What Is it Made of? ¡¡

Jiangsu Haihua Biotech Co., Ltd. is a  manufacturer company.(Xuzhou Lihua Electronic Technology Development Co., Limited in charge of import and export trading) ,My company was founded on the April 2004, located at No.10 Baitu industry Zone, Jurong, Zhenjiang of China. The company is devoted to the research, development and production of Bio-technology. our company occupies an area of 30 acres with first-class facilities that meet GMP workshop standard; it is equipped with advanced biochemical fermentation and purification extraction facilities.

The key product of my company . is  HA/ Sodium Hyaluronate. The company is capable of carrying out large-scale production of HA with various molecular weights, apart from that; it can also produce HA with specific molecular weight and purity the quality of which is completely in accordance with ISO9001 and FDA standard. It can be used as the raw material in fields like Cosmetics, health and beauty food products, pharmaceutical manufacture, etc. The products have spread over all the country and exported to Southeast Asia, America and Europe.

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